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We receive many inquiries on a daily basis from people seeking advice. Here you'll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Search the SSN Networks, Frequently Asked Questions about Alarms Systems below - where we have listed relevant questions and answers.

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Q1:  I have been told wireless systems are unreliable - is this true?
A1:  That was probably true a few years ago, but with new technology the systems are virtually as good as any wired system now, but with their own particular advantages.

Q2: I have been told wireless systems are not as good looking as traditional alarm systems - is this true ?
A2: Again, probably true a few years ago, but the new systems are just as sleek looking as the alternatives.

Q3: Can you operate the system with remote control or keypad?
A3: Yes, you can do either as standard.

Q4: Do you supply a full installation service?
A4: Yes, Crime Alarms install all of our security systems.

Q5: Do you require mains electricity?
A5: Yes, we do require connecting the system to mains electricity.

Q6: What about in a power cut, what happens to the alarm?
A6: The alarms have a full battery back up system.

Q7: We have pets, how can the system cope with these?
A7: We can use door & window sensors in any room you want pets to be active in.

Q8: What warranty do you give on systems and installations?
A8: We supply a full 1-year warranty on parts & labour.

Q9: What if we change the layout of a room, can you move sensors to cope with this change?
A9: Yes, that is the beauty and flexibility of wireless systems.

Q10: Can we add sensors to the system if we add extensions to the building?
A10: Yes, we can add sensors at any time in the future, with minimal fuss.

Q11: Can the alarm system ring selected telephone numbers in the event of activation?
A11: Yes, we have automatic messages relayed to up to four telephone numbers.

Q12: Can we have the alarm system connected to a central monitoring station?
A12: Yes, we can supply 24-hour monitoring.

Q13: Is the external bell box (siren) a working unit or is it a dummy?
A13: Unlike some well-known systems the external siren is a working unit.

Q14: Could we have two working sirens?
A14: You can have as many working sirens as you wish.

Q15: Can we have an additional dummy siren fitted on a garage or the rear of the house?
A15: Yes, we can supply and fit dummy sirens.

Q16: Do you offer a service contract?
A16: Yes, we offer service contracts on all of our systems.

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