Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has been a popular security tool for years. And thanks to new breakthroughs in technology, security cameras are more effective than ever before. Banks, retail stores, and countless other end-users depend on the protection provided by video surveillance. While analog CCTV systems were once the norm, they can be expensive, requiring complicated installations and constant upkeep. Fortunately, advances in digital technology have made video surveillance systems far more cost-effective, flexible, and simple to operate. Security systems using IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are easy to install and maintain, and can be customized and scaled to perfectly match your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on only using top quality, name brand hardware in all of our security camera systems. We also offer post installation support and maintenance plans to help our clients get familiarized with their new security system and keep it running at optimal performance for years to come while offering peice of mind from unexpected hardware failers.

Box (Full body Cameras)

We offer a select range of 'Full Body' cameras to suit most installation requirements or budgets. From budget priced medium resolution to Ultra High Resolution models combined with DAY / NIGHT functionality.

Our Body cameras are compatible with our range of separate CCTV lenses and carry a 2 year warranty!

Dome Cameras

Rugged, reliable and versatile, Dome Cameras come in a variety of sizes and specifications for both indoor and outdoor applications. For exposed outdoor use, we offer a wide range of dome cameras that are fully weather guarded and vandalism proof.

Unobtrusive indoor models are also available for providing unmatched security with a low profile. Dome Cameras are great solution for almost any situation and budget.

Bullet Cameras

The ultimate solution for versatile high resolution surveillance. Available for indoor and outdoor deployment, these cameras feature rugged weatherproof casings and unsurpassed quality.

Outdoor models use CCD sensors and offer varifocal lenses. Indoor models employ cost-effective CMOS sensors and both offer full D1 resolution and full 30 fps video.

Available with motion detection, 2 way audio and Infrared.

IP Cameras

We sell and can install a wide variety of IP cameras from various manufacturers including: Axis, Vivotek, D-Link, Zavio and Many more.

We can also pre-program your cameras prior to shipment to make installation as easy as possible.

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